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The people of moor and city are forming the new state of Nortopia to break away in the year 2000, loosely based on the ancient kingdom of Northumbria. They are now seeking contributors worldwide to help them form that state. If you are interested in joining the Nortopia Forum please fill in the form below. You then will have access to the e-mail discussion group.

Your comments, views, visions should be based on descriptions of Nortopia in the year 2016. They can relate to any aspect of Nortopia- laws, health program, transport set up, institutions, buildings, individuals, relationships, incidents, media, crime, marriage, history religion, philosophy, relations with other states, etc. And from any viewpoint - visitor, politician, entrepeneur, citizen, etc. In any form e g statement, question, and so on.

You may wish to discuss ideas with fellow e-mailers, or work in collaboration, and coalesce into political parties, pressure groups,or businesses.

Each e-mail should have a heading in block letters e g NORTOPIA HEALTH or NORTOPIA UNIVERSITY. However, it can only be granted permanence when it is in the form of a poem, which may be based on your own work or the work of others, or be a collaborative venture.

When a poem emerges from the correspondence it should be placed with appropriate heading on the GUESTBOOK so that a formal record of proceedings may be retained. You do not have to be a poet yourself to take part in the Forum, and you may wish to call on the assistance of local poetry groups. Different poems will reflect different viewpoints and ideas, but Nortopia can only be based on poems placed on the GUESTBOOK. Conflicting visions will be resolved in elections on January lst 2000 A D. The emblem of Nortopia is the rhododendron flower

Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you.

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