copyright The Poetry Organisation
10th July 2003


So it's goodbye to the guy
For whom the fates decided
That however hard you try
With bad luck you've collided
But however far you're down
The wheel of fortune's turning
Provided that you smile not frown
A new life you'll be learning.



The sky's the limit, I tell a lie
It's cyberspace that makes us high
Feeding our dreams with promise of wealth
And fame and power and better health
Heaven is now and we're in orbit
The world to shout at as we sort it
But when everyone's shouting who can hear?
Signal to noise is not very clear
All those ideas we're trying to flog
Sharpen the image to be top dog
Gimmicks needed to advertise
Your attention is the prize



Once again his work suspended lay
Between the going of two women
Delicious with uncertainty
Now that Julia had left him
His fearless double muse reburned
As women closed him in the dance
He learned to watch them draw away
The beads of inspiration from his heart
Until a thousand threads of sentiment
Had pulled apart like ships upon his Gulliver
Or he on them he didn't care
Wrapped within a warm Sargasso Sea
Bermuda triangle of his love
With one eclipsed then two could shine
For seas of thought that boiled again
His krakens rusing from the deep
At two am. in fitful sleep
And as his power had returned
With their words devour the world



Within our bubble we are free
To dance with fun and nonchanity
Experiencing surprisingly
A sense of no obstruction
Yet however well we dance
Is this the path to new romance?
That touch, that smile, the little glance
Portents of true affection?
But we have learnt to mask our thought
Lest by emotions we are caught
And only in the dance is wrought
A feeling of perfection